Anna Brahms Dolls

by Shahar on July 28, 2012

in Doll artists

Here are some amazing dolls from Anna Brahms and she tells us a bit of her process when she creates a doll:

I create a scene which tells a story.
 In recent years I have created a few  fairy tales,  and  many faerie scenes, or –   faerie’  gatherings .
I am inspired by artists such as Arthur Rackham,  to create from the imagination, and be as fanciful as I wish to  be.
I live in a beautiful spot on this earth,   near forests, rivers and lakes.  As I go on  my walks in nature I am inspired by the seen and the unseen mysteries and  whispers of life . 
When  I get back to my studio, I give  shapes to these sensations,  shaping  them    as faeries and nature elementals.
They are small, and getting smaller all the time,  and more alive.
    My technique is simple,
    I use polymer clay (pro-sculpt). The  body is soft,  with a wire frame inside. I use glass eyes, and mohair hair.
   The dolls are between “15 and “20 tall. Everything is made by hand and all are one of a kind.
     You can find my bio on my website,  
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