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by Shahar on July 8, 2014

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I wish I could sculpt as well as Marina Grankova!

Her polymer clay art dolls have an incredible amount of details and are quite realistic.

polymer clay art dolls

Marina Grankova dolls


The Work of DodoAlbino

by Shahar on July 7, 2014

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Meet the work of DodoAlbino

Dolls made in polymer clay.

As you can see he likes sci-fi.

polymer clay aliens

polymer clay creaturespolymer clay creatures


Guess insects are my favorite topic at the moment.

Have you seen Annemieke Mein’s Textile Sculptures?

They are just amazing!

textile sculpture

Annemieke’s thoughtfulness toward her insect sculptures is illustrated by her use of a detail-oriented, larger-than-life style. After many hours of detailed, microscopic study and patient behavioral observations, she employs dramatic magnification in her work to “enhance the visual impact, deliberately accentuating the minute” which, in essence, forces people to really see something that they would typically ignore.

annemieke mein


Felted Insects

by Shahar on June 15, 2014

in Felt Dolls

Suddenly i felt an urge to make some insects. I really don’t know why.

I’m ok with insects as long as they keep some distance. I don’t like them flying around me. My daughter is into macro photography and the other day we were looking at pictures.

They do have some of the cutest and most strange faces. They make great characters. So I decided to needle felt sculpt them.

This is the first. I named him Joe from finances. It is after a weird experience I had when making a purchase where I thought the guy was not totally transparent with me. Made a connection with insects that come and bite you and you only realize it later.

felted insects


It is all needle felted with wire and sitting measures about 3″.

needle felted insects


Needle Felted Orangutan

by Shahar on June 15, 2014

in Felt Dolls

I love monkeys and orangutans are some of my favorite.

I decided to felt sculpt one. What do you think?

It is about 5″ high. All needle felted

felted orangutan

felted monkey


Painting with Felt

by Shahar on June 13, 2014

in Felt Dolls

This is my third piece painting with felt.

It is very addicting and relaxing.

This one I only used needle felting. I am a  lot more comfortable with needle felting than wet felting. I also think I can have more details this way.

Painting with Felt



Meet Oscar a Felted Cat

by Shahar on June 12, 2014

in Felt Dolls

I never tried a needle felted cat before.

Now you can meet Oscar. It is about 7″ high with movable arms and legs.

Lots of fun making this one.


felted cat


Felt Paintings

by Shahar on June 10, 2014

in Felt Dolls

I needed a little break and now I’m back.


I’ve been busy with felting.

Last week I tried for the first time felt paintings.

I basically used wet felting with some needle felting.

What do you think?

Felt painting

painting with felt


Giving personality to your characters

by Shahar on April 20, 2014

in Marionettes

To make your character more realistic, you need to develop a personality for your puppet. Watch this video and learn how to give personality to your puppets. With Paul Lewis




Stephen Hansen Paper Mache Sculptures

by Shahar on April 4, 2014

in Doll artists

Artist Statement

As an artist I am not an explorer of the human condition, so much as a
hapless tourist, making snapshots of whatever strikes my fancy. I work
primarily in paper mache, the appeal of which is twofold. First, it is fast
enough that I can try out ideas without any sense of commitment.
Secondly, it is a material so inherantly humble that I can claim to make
“cultural icons” or “distilled social observations” without feeling too
pretentious. Stylistically, I think of my work as lifelike rather than realistic,
a choice made out of a desire to represent ideas rather than individuals.
I make sculpture with the idea that it should both attract and communicate,
towards that end, I try to make art that is intellectually accessible and
aesthetically seductive. I approach my work day as though I were the
director of a small reparatory company, with a group of actors that I costume
and coerce into the characters of the story I want to tell. They tend toward
over acting.

Artist Statement ll

You should never trust an artist who makes a statement, except under

Here are some of Stephen Hansen Paper Mache Sculptures

stephen hansen

papier mache

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