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by Shahar on September 24, 2012

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About me: My name is Ana Paula. I was always connected to art since I was little. I draw since always too. My grandfather was a very talented  graphic designer and everybody says I inherited his talent. It is in his honor that even use the name “vonBorowsky” because my name does not have the “von”. He passed already.. After drawing I started to paint on canvas then begin to sculpt. I also work with other artisancrafts such as making beaded animals.

I started sculpting with natural Clay, but almost all the sculptures I did got broken after some years..It was too fragile. Then I stopped sculpting for a while, some years, actually, before start to make dolls. I haven’t sure of how and why I start to make dolls. There is a website called Patchtogether where you submit your designs/ concepts and there are chosen by the public through voting to became a resin toy. These toys can have or not some articulation, but only in two legs/ arms maximum. I submitted some designs to this website but they weren’t good enough to become toys. Then I thought “If they can make a toy out of my design, why can’t I make?”. Then I started to try to make posable dolls. About the Ball jointed dolls I haven’t sure of how it came to my knowledge, I do not really remember. Maybe through Deviantart or something like this. But I decided to make animals/ creatures. I always prefer to make animals instead of humans, even on my drawings. I had a lot of dogs and even horses, which I used as models to many of my works.


Back to Ball jointed dolls. I never used a tutorial to make them. I look at many pictures to figure out how it works and made a lot of attempts to make the joints work properly. I never saw a “real” Ball jointed doll, the ones produced in large scale with resin. My first attempt was a black panther made of epoxy clay in 2010, that wasn’t very good. It had many joints that didn’t work. I didn’t liked too much of the epoxy clay because it takes a lot of work to mix the two parts. It also sticks on everything. It is also necessary to paint the doll after finished, and I am not good at painting (yet). That is why I decided to try the cold porcelain, once the Clay already is of the color you need. Turns out it works, but a lot of time is needed to make the dolls smooth with this clay. Besides Ball jointed dolls I also make poseable dolls, which are created with a technique I’ve created. I sold my first dolls in 2011.

Besides my connection with arts, I decided to become engineer. The profession of artist is very undervalued in Brazil. Engineering has more works possibilities and I like the profession. To make dolls is my hobby.

The cold porcelain isn’t the best clay to work with. It dries to quickly, there is problem with cracking and the clay shrinks upon drying. By drying to quickly, you can make all the details you want to. That is why my dolls aren’t too much detailed and I usually don’t sculpt fur, etc. All the techniques I use to make my dolls were created by me. I never hear/ read anybody talking of any of them.

After already know how to make Ball jointed dolls, I look at some tutorials and discovered that I do not follow any of the steps of it. Actually I think the way to make Ball jointed dolls highly depends of the clay you are using. Not all the techniques Will work for any kind of clay.For example, I don’t know how to make dolls using polymer clay. I Will have to change all my techniques to be able to.


I don’t think to make Ball jointed dolls is easy, mainly IF you want to make animals/ creatures. It is difficult to make the anatomy right, make the joints on the correct place, make the joints not to assume bizarre positions, and make them work properly. Furthermore, there is the assembly problem. Must be not so difficult to assembly the doll because it will have to be done someday. The elastic inside the doll gets loose with time. To make a Ball jointed doll is much difficult in reality than in theory.

As I said, all the techniques I use were created by me after many attempts, time and work put into it. I think my engineer side help me with a lot of them. The amount of techniques is so big that I could write a book of “how to make Ball jointed dolls out of cold porcelain”. That is why I do not talk of them to anybody except for some close friends. However, if I could figure out how to make  ball jointed dolls, I am sure a lot of people can do it too, but it will not be easy,  unless they wer born with the talent to do so.

The main feature of my work is the effort and time I put into each piece.  I try to make the deffect level as low as it is possible to me, as I am not a machine to do a perfect work. My dolls are very smooth, without fingerprints, cracking and dust sticked to it. I also spent a lot of time trying to make the joints work the Best way it can, remaking pieces if necessary.

My purpose is to bring the preffered characters of each person to life, the best way I can. I thinks is very cool to have a doll of your a character you like or even of your own original design.

How I promote my business:

My works are published though the website called Deviantart and recently, also in the website called Furafinitty. Deviantart has groups divided into specific themes, so I submit my works to the groups that matches my dolls. It is very helpful. Also, all I wrote on both websites is in English, so everyone (almost) can understand.

My Deviantart account:

My Furafinitty account:

To buy my dolls:

There is two ways to buy a doll from me. One is buy from my online Etsy shop:

The other is order a custom doll from me. You can contact me by the email:

I am not always open to commissions, but times in times I open some spots, so maybe for someone is easy to buy from the online store.

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